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Must Read

1. We sell only original product, if found is counterfeit product, we pay you 100 of it.

2. Please see the rules and regulation before you place order, once you place the order with us, which means you have accept our rules.

3. Since the price is already very cheap but if buy in bulks, price still can be negotiate.

4. Full payment is needed before we send the items to you.

5. Failure to receive deposit within 3 days wills automatic cancel the order.

6. During week days, before 11.30am receive your payment, items can send out same day, else will send out next working day. Weekend, public holiday or first Saturday of the months, items will send out on the following working day.

7. Your item will take 1 to 2 working days to reach your place after you make your payment.

8. Once payment is made, no more cancellation can be make, if do so we are sorry that we won’t refund any deposit.

9. You may request change order to same price items but due to stocks availability.

10. All items are not including postage, unless it state in description.

11. Once you place order with us, which means you willing to accept our rules as the rules will change in the future.

12. Pos ekspres is normal pos which can reach to you fast but not responsible loss during posting.

13. Once you items send out by pos ekspres, we not more responsible on it.

14. We advise you to upgrade to pos laju because is more safety compare to pos ekspres. Pos laju need signature to receive items.

1. 本店所买的商品都是货真价实的,假一赔百。

2. 货物售出,恕不退还或更换。

3. 在这里事先声, 本店会用透明胶纸来黏住所有的pos ekpres信封(之前有几pos ekpres没黏好,自动开了,不见了几条,买家投诉收到货时,信封是用叮书机夹的),才寄出给买家。

4. 如果邮寄途中遗失或损坏,恕不负责。

5. 如不能及时回复,可以在帖子留下信息,我会尽快回复你。

6. 逢星期一到五, 在12.00pm 之前收到汇款, 就在当天寄出. 迟到的就要等第二天才可以寄, 星期六和星期日的就等星期一寄, 公共假期就等第二天工作日寄. 谢谢

7. 买家收到货后,记得回来报平安。不然我不知道你收到了没有哦。

8. 如果所要的颜色却货, 会以另一个颜色代替

9. Bugslock 是正品来的,我女儿从9个月就开始用了,我给她戴在脚,有时她很玩皮,把Bugslock拿来玩,甚至放在嘴巴咬(不建议哦),我都不担心,因为是天然成份制成的,完全无毒,非常安全。

10. 由于适合小孩用的,我拿货时也比较谨慎,绝对不会拿冒牌货。

11. 所有商品是不包邮费的,除非商品有解说邮。